Karena manusia memiliki rasio maka ia bisa menjadi poros alam. Jangan mau dikalahkan oleh keadaan. Bermimpi dan berjuang seterusnya, selamanya!

Happy New Year of 2013

Adios 2012, welcome
2013 means a very special year for me, because I will celebrate my birthday on January 13rd 2013. 
13.1.13  pretty number isn't it??? hehehehehe

It doesn't mean that 2012 was a bad year but let say that every year has its phenomena.
and I had a great great great surprise 
so yeah, I love this year 

And 2013, I hope I can fill this blank year with many dreams come true
My to do list is ready, and I have to make them work haha

Optimism is a must, and people have it deeply in their heart.
especially in this new year, I believe we wanna grow better 

Happy New Year Everyone 
with love and dreams
fietha ^.^

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