Karena manusia memiliki rasio maka ia bisa menjadi poros alam. Jangan mau dikalahkan oleh keadaan. Bermimpi dan berjuang seterusnya, selamanya!

Rantau 1 Muara on board!

Finally, after waiting for about 2.5 months... this Rantau 1 Muara book has arrived safely on my desk. It is time to say HoreeeeYYyyy........Couple weeks ago, a friend who also loves this book delivered her protest upon the book's cover. She said that the cover is just the same as Perahu Kertas'. Well, initially I ignore it, but once I got it, i knew that she's right. It has the same color, look at the green and orange color, and don't miss the boat at the right bottom corner. They are so common, right?

Anyway, neglecting those similarities, I'm glad that I now own this A.Fuadi's masterpiece. I got his signature as well, written on the soft cover page inside. OMG, how can I say then....I made it!!! for me, collecting favorite novel/book together with the writer's signature is challenging. My pride, my ego, my fun project which may some people sees it as dull. But yes, i enjoy this very much beyond my expectation before hahahaha...

Now, please meet my Rantau 1 Muara by A.Fuadi  *jeng,,,jeng,,,jeng.........

Diary (left) as compliment and the novel (right)

A.Fuadi's signature ^.^v
Happy reading people.....

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