Karena manusia memiliki rasio maka ia bisa menjadi poros alam. Jangan mau dikalahkan oleh keadaan. Bermimpi dan berjuang seterusnya, selamanya!


And every thought's a possibility 
And voices are heard, but nothing is seen 
Why do you spend this time with me 
May be an equal mystery
So what is love then, 

is it dictated Or chosen - Handed down or made by hand
Does it sing like the hymns of a thousand years 

Or is it just pop emotion 
And if it ever was there, and it left 
Does it mean it was never true
And to exist it must elude

Is that why I think these things of you
And maybe that's all that we need is to meet in the middle Of impossibility 

Standing at opposite poles 
Equal partners in a mystery 
We're standing at opposite poles 
Equal partners in a mystery

* to the mystery of "screwy connection"

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