Karena manusia memiliki rasio maka ia bisa menjadi poros alam. Jangan mau dikalahkan oleh keadaan. Bermimpi dan berjuang seterusnya, selamanya!

Drama Queen

I'm not a drama queen but I feel so when this feeling just came out, so blue. 
Sometimes I curse you and admire you at the same time. Who are you? 
He definitely possess' my heart. It says "stay, take it..it's yours to break".
Did you ever hear this words: "without you I'm incomplete"? 
Sounds so weak, right? 
Yet, I've got that feeling already, again and again
And let me question you, how to remove such feeling forever?
can you?
call me looser or dumb, whatever
It is me feeling this pain
It is me crying all night long
It is me having the bad times
And it is me who refuse to wait the right moment
'coz no such thing as the right moment

I even don't care what people say 
They never know what inside of my heart
Knowing that you always there, 
watching, smiling and keeping the warmest love 
nothing but you means a thing to me
though I can't reach you
 please stay there

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