Karena manusia memiliki rasio maka ia bisa menjadi poros alam. Jangan mau dikalahkan oleh keadaan. Bermimpi dan berjuang seterusnya, selamanya!

Keep on Floating

I don't wanna miss even one song to dance on the floor
coz' I enjoy dancing with you
So let's dance all the night
Shut your eyes
And feel the chemicals collide spreading in the air
If you could see it
the color is blue, sparkling around us

I got a couple of problems
A thousand puzzles running through my head
But I think that you could solve them
You're always just one step ahead
I've had a couple heartbreaks
But you're telling me that it's alright
'Cause all the others were mistakes
Just mistakes to throw away

Your finger pointed above
Asking me to follow the point
The sky is exploding
and you invite me to keep on floating
enjoying the glory of universe
and the wink of the brightest star
arising slowly in our heart

~Kenmochi Chiemi~

for my brother AWT, I know you can be tougher than before. You are my strong brother, right? Be strong bro, coz u deserve the best one.

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